With a child to Bulgaria – advice.

Bulgaria with kids

How to plan a vacation with a child so that it is safe? Security – Advice.

Bulgaria is a beautiful country with excellent tourist facilities right by the sea. Exclusive hotels, equipped with saunas, solariums, tennis and golf courts, playgrounds for children, restaurants and bars. In a word, there is everything a tourist could wish for, also one who is going on vacation with a child. There will be plenty of attractions for the youngest ones, because practically every hotel has playgrounds for children, swimming pools and activities with various interesting people. You can go ahead and plan a vacation with your child in that direction, but you must not forget about taking precautions and proper preparation.

Before the trip…

Before going to Bulgaria, check carefully the place where you will be staying. It is best to stay with a child in a hotel of a good standard, then we will be sure that we will not miss anything there. In addition, let’s choose places where good medical care is nearby. Let’s also take the most necessary medications and dressings with us, which may come in handy in an emergency.


The basic rule for holidays, not only in Bulgaria, but all over the world: never leave children unattended! If we follow this, our child will not be harmed by anything bad. Criminals of all sorts are always waiting for the moment when the child is alone, even if it is only a moment. So if we want to take a break from our kids for a while or go somewhere, leave the child under professional care. In good hotels, parents have special kindergartens at their disposal, where children can play safely under the watchful eye of babysitters. However, we should always check carefully the competences of the guardians and the place where we will leave our child.