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Bulgaria healthcare

How to protect your health before going to Bulgaria. Quality of medical care, hospitals, pharmacies.

Due to the fact that Bulgaria, as well as Poland, belongs to the European Union, under the provisions of the European Union, there is a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which must be obtained before departure and can be done in the NHF branch to which we belong. You can also ask for help in getting it at the health center where we usually treat. It is important to have it with you, then you will not pay anything for basic medical care in Bulgaria. But what does the term basic medical care mean in Bulgaria, or the same as in Poland? Unfortunately, no, in this respect the EU directives are not very precise and the wording “basic health care” may mean something different in each of the countries belonging to the European Union.

Educational care in Bulgaria

Basic medical care in Bulgaria.

When we are EHIC holders, we will not pay for basic medical care in Bulgaria and other EU countries. In Bulgaria, this means that we will not pay for medical assistance in the event of an emergency or illness. If, on the other hand, we are hospitalized and there is no threat to life, we must take into account that we will have to pay extra for each day. In addition, when we go to the mountains in Bulgaria, it should be remembered that mountain rescue, even in life-threatening cases, is not included in the scope of basic medical care and is fully paid. So, those who regularly hike Bulgarian peaks should think about additional insurance.

Quality of medical services.

In every large city you will find well-equipped hospitals, but in smaller towns their quality gives a lot to be desired. It is even worse in villages where there are either no centers, or it is not even worth going there. Therefore, it is best when going to Bulgaria, especially with children, to stop near large cities, where this medical care is at a higher level. When it comes to pharmacies, we can find them in many places, so there shouldn’t be a big problem here.