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Bulgaria in March

Bulgaria in March. Air temperatures and interesting facts.

March in Bulgaria will welcome us with not very high temperatures, between 5-8 ‘C. The rainfall is moderate, so it is difficult to predict in advance whether we will hit the sun or rain. So, before leaving, it is worth checking the exact weather for the next few days, taking into account the region we are going to, due to the fact that there are climatic and weather differences between them.

Climatic and weather differences.

As in the title, in Bulgaria there are climatic differences between individual regions, which affect the current weather of a given place. So when we want to know what the weather will be like in March, we should also define the place we are going to.

It is worth knowing that the central part of the country has a temperate climate, Mediterranean in the south, and temperate in the north, which turns into continental. So, as you can easily guess, air temperatures in the north are slightly higher than in other regions, and in the south, typically for the Mediterranean climate, they are high in summer, which is also dry, and there are also mild winters. In other regions, winters are extremely cold, and in mountainous regions there is heavy snowfall.

What is worth taking with you?

When going to Bulgaria in March, it is worth taking warm clothes with you. You should also remember to take umbrellas and jackets that will protect us from rain and spring wind. We should also remember to take immunity-boosting drugs, because in the spring months it is easiest to catch the flu virus.