Regions of Bulgaria – Golden Sands review and video.

Varna Bulgaria

Golden Sands- the most wonderful region in Bulgaria. Location and climate, interesting places.

Bulgaria is divided into several regions, the most famous of which are those on the Black Sea. They are best known for their numerous tourist attractions, although it does not mean that the others, located in the interior of the country, are no longer attractive. On the contrary, they are also interesting, beautiful and very diverse. So we encourage all lovers of travel to explore the whole of Bulgaria and get to know all its secret corners.

Golden Sands – location and climate.

Golden Sands is a region located in the northern part of the Black Sea coast. This region includes towns known to many tourists, such as:

  • Albena
  • Kraniewo
  • Golden Sands
  • Balchik
  • Rusalka

All these places are picturesquely blended into the seaside landscape, which consists not only of the sea coast, which in this place creates a picturesque bay, but also green hills covered with pine forests and rushing rivers. The climate of this region is Mediterranean with a temperate blend, so you can expect dry and hot summer months and mild winters.

Golden Sands – tourist attractions.

Undoubtedly, the main tourist attractions of this region include its attractive location in the bay, right by the sea, but apart from beaches and sea waves, there is much more. Most of the towns in Golden Sands have a very interesting history, many monuments and mysterious places. So, in the breaks between sunbathing and practicing water sports, you can go for a walk and see these wonderful places. The most interesting of them are:

  • palace of Queen Maria in Balchik
  • Aladzha Monastery, picturesque, cut into the rocks
  • churches