October – the weather in Bulgaria in October – temperature.

Bulgaria in October

Bulgaria in October. Air and water temperatures.

October is a real fall in Bulgaria. Although the air temperatures are getting lower, it is still worth going there on vacation. After all, you can walk on the beach, go sailing, admire nature, hike in the mountains and visit historic cities. It is also worth talking to local people and getting to know their culture, religion and everyday life. Although Bulgaria belongs to the European Union, it is still at the bottom of the list when it comes to earnings and standard of living. Many of us will be surprised by the contrast between exclusive hotels on the coast and the villages and small towns in the interior of the country.

Bulgaria in October

Air and water temperatures.

As we mentioned above, October is a real autumn in Bulgaria. Air temperatures are around 17’C during the day and around 9’C at night. The water temperature is 16’C, so it’s quite cool now. It is raining more and more often and the day is getting shorter and shorter. So let’s sit in a cafe in the evenings and listen to what local people talk about. During such observation, you can deduce a lot and get to know the true face of this country.


While in Bulgaria, you have to remember about safety. As we have already mentioned, this is a country where the standard of living is low, hence the numerous robberies and thefts. Most often tourists fall victim to them, so you need to be especially careful. Let’s never go alone, after dark, let’s only move by taxis and avoid poorer districts. There they will quickly notice the “stranger” and we can have a lot of trouble.