Bulgaria – alcohol, wine, beer, vodka.

Bulgarian alcohol. Wine, beer, vodka in Bulgaria.

In recent years, Polish tourists more and more often choose Bulgaria as their holiday destination. Beautiful beaches, a short distance from Poland, warm sea in the season, picturesque monuments, interesting history, culture and low prices, all this attracts our countrymen like a magnet. Added to this is an aromatic cuisine and very refined alcohols. And this is what Polish tourists expect from their vacation.

Bulgarian wines.

Although there are quite a lot of regional and tasty alcohols in Bulgaria, the wine should be mentioned in the first place because of its amazing aroma. The most famous wines come from vineyards in the Melnik region, which is located near the border with Greece. Bulgarians believe that real wine is only red and dry, which is why this is why it is most often drunk by Bulgarians. The most famous and best types of Bulgarian wines are:

  • Merlot
  • Cabernet
  • Kadarka
  • Pamid

Other alcohols.

Although dry wine is the leader in Bulgaria, it is not the only regional drink enjoyed by Bulgarians. They like to drink beer there, but it is much weaker than those we know in Poland, as well as liqueurs, cognacs and plum brandy. So we can see that Bulgarians have a lot to be proud of when it comes to alcohol and, as you can see, they do it successfully, because their drinks are known all over the world.