May – the weather in Bulgaria in May – temperature.

Bulgaria in May

May in Bulgaria. Visiting the monuments and walking on the beach are only some of the attractions of this beautiful country.

May in Bulgaria is a real spring, not only in the weather, but above all in nature. Everything blooms wonderfully, smells and delights with both colors and scents. Therefore, it is worth strolling along the beach, in the mysterious corners of Bulgarian cities and towns, and relaxing in numerous parks and squares. Certainly, the weather in May will be favorable for this kind of rest and should not surprise us with rain. Although of course it is possible in some regions, the spring rains are short-lived, warm and soon the beautiful sun comes out.

Bulgaria in May

Air and water temperatures.

The air temperatures in May in Bulgaria are around 22 ‘C during the day and around 12’ C at night. Always take into account the temperature differences that occur between regions, so it is always 2-3 ° C warmer in the north than in the rest of the country. In May, the water temperature is around 15 ° C, so it is quite pleasant, but not suitable for bathing. Of course, there are many daredevils who sail in the much colder months, so it is an individual matter.

What to do in May?

First of all, you can visit interesting parts of this country. It is worth seeing the beautiful capital of Sofia, with many interesting places, which are undoubtedly:

  • numerous museums
  • parks
  • sacred buildings, both modern and historic
  • city ​​baths and many more

This city will delight both those who like modernity and seekers of monuments and history.
Another place worth visiting is Nessebar. It is a historic city, the “old” part of which has been entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is impossible to even list all the monuments of this city, so here are at least a few of them:

  • defensive walls
  • historic mill
  • historic, wooden houses
  • numerous historic churches