July – the weather in Bulgaria in July – temperature.

Bulgaria in July

July in Bulgaria is high season and the time of the highest temperatures in this region. It is therefore the time when the most tourists are there, especially the coast is crowded. Of course, tourists mostly stay in large tourist centers, so in smaller towns you can count on a bit more peace. Therefore, it is worth checking carefully the offers of travel agencies before leaving to choose the best one for you and your family.

Bulgaria in July

Air and water temperatures.

Air temperatures in July are around 30 ‘C during the day and around 20’ C at night. Virtually the whole country is dry and rains are very rare. It is a time of vacation, rest and holidays. Therefore, crowds of tourists flock to the Black Sea coast to swim in the sea waves, sunbathe on a golden sand and practice water sports. It is the perfect weather for sun worshipers, crowds of people, water sports and parties. Those who like to spend their holidays more calmly should wait until autumn, when the crowd of tourists is thinning a bit and it is much calmer.

What should you take with you?

When going to Bulgaria in July, first of all, you need to take light clothes, sunscreen, caps, hats and everything that will help you protect yourself from the sun. It is also worth taking lotions that will soothe our skin after sunbathing and keep it elastic. We should also remember to always take still water with us, so as not to dehydrate the body in hot weather.