Weather in Bulgaria in April – April temperatures.

Bulgaria in April

Is it worth going to Bulgaria in April? What to do and what to remember?

April in Bulgaria is the time leading to spring. The air temperatures are much higher, so you can easily go on a trip. It is worth visiting this beautiful country, and not only in summer, as it has many other attractions, in addition to the coast. While the latter is of course also attractive, a month like April is most suitable for excursions and sightseeing.

Air temperature in April.

Air temperatures in April are between 9 and 13 ‘C during the day and around 6’ C at night. It is warmest in the northern regions, slightly cooler in the central and southern parts, and coldest in the mountains. In the mountainous regions there is often snow in April, especially in the Pirin mountain range, where every year the highest snowfall is recorded, which means that the ski season lasts there until April.

What should you remember about?

When planning a vacation, no matter if in July or April, you need to prepare for it properly. As mentioned above, there are quite significant temperature differences throughout Bulgaria, so be sure to take this into account when packing your backpack. We will take different clothes to the mountains in April, and different ones when we are going, for example, to the north or to the coast. Remember that proper preparation is the basis for a successful holiday.