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Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Description of the picturesque region: Sunny Beach. Location, climate and interesting places.

The region with the picturesque name of Sunny Beach, next to Golden Sands, is one of the two most crowded places in Bulgaria. The great location on the Black Sea, the great diversity of terrain and climate due to the proximity of the mountains make tourists spend their holidays in this place more and more often. In addition, there are sandy beaches stretching for kilometers, many attractions in the form of discos, restaurants and outdoor events, as well as the possibility of practicing water sports and learning about the history of this interesting region.

Sunny Beach- location and climate.

Sunny Beach is a region located in the central part of the coast, between Cape Emine and the town of Pomorie. In the vicinity there are wonderful meadows and mountain slopes, covered with thick pine forests. All this makes the atmosphere of this place extremely clean and has healing properties. The essential oils of trees and herbs that occur in the area make the air deeply saturated with them. In addition, there is a very gracious and friendly Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Due to the exceptional climatic conditions, this place is recommended to those who suffer from respiratory diseases.

Interesting places.

The entire Sunny Beach region is very picturesque and interesting. It is worth going here not only because of the wonderful beaches, but also because of the unique historical values. This region is especially famous for the latter. The city of Nessebar, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is especially famous. In this city, we will encounter traces of the past, in the form of defensive ruins, Orthodox churches, castles, towers and palaces at practically every step.