Where and when to ski to Bulgaria?

Ski Resorts in Bulgaria

Ski resorts in Bulgaria. Bansko, Borowiec and Pamporowo.

Although perhaps many supporters of alpine ski resorts will be shocked by the fact that it is not in the Alps that the resort is considered to be the most developing in the world. This resort is the Bulgarian BANSKO, which will delight many skiers. So it is worth going to Bulgaria for skiing in the season. It is also worth remembering that this is not the only known and high-class ski resort in Bulgaria, there are two others that also deserve careful attention.

Bulgarian BANSKO.

The BANSKO ski resort is located in the Pirin Mountains, and although it is not the largest resort in Bulgaria, due to the unique climatic conditions, it deserves special attention. There is a lot of snowfall in this area, which means that the ski season lasts from December to April. In other areas, this season is much shorter. It is worth coming to Bansko not only because of the long season, but above all because of the excellent conditions. The total length of the routes is 16 km, most of which are intended for intermediate and highly advanced skiers. At the foot of the highest peak, Windstorm, there are several beginner’s trails. In addition, there are prepared routes for snowboarders, safe T-bar lifts and ordinary lifts, in other words everything that a fan of white madness can only desire.

Bansko ski resort.

Bansko is a popular ski resort for both beginners and intermediate skiers and is home to the country’s longest ski run. In addition to skiing, the city also has the only ski manufacturer in the Balkans, Atomic Skis, which has been operating here since 1981. It also offers five kilometers of cross-country skiing. The resort’s ski slopes are also the highest in Bulgaria. Despite its small size, Bansko is a great place to snowboard or ski with the whole family.

Other ski resorts.

Although the above-mentioned Bansko is the most famous ski resort, it is a much larger resort in Bulgaria: BOROWIEC, which is located in the mountains, in the highest range of the Balkan Peninsula, called RILA.

There is also the third ski resort PAMPOROWO, which is located in the Rhodope Mountains. Both resorts have excellent skiing conditions, you can rent equipment and there is nothing else to do but go crazy on the slopes.

Borowiec ski resort.

Borovets, Bulgaria’s oldest ski resort, is one of the best skiing destinations in Europe. This alpine ski resort is located on Mount Rila and offers several alpine-style slopes. With snow cover from mid-December to mid-April, Borovets is perfect for intermediate skiers as it offers many challenging slopes, including some cross-country ski trails.

Prices at ski resorts in Bulgaria.

Prices in Bulgaria are around half of the prices in the Alps. In January, a hosted cottage in a Bulgarian ski resort costs around 300 euros per person. This rate includes airport transfers and en suite accommodation. During the week, the cost of the cottage also includes half board and local wines. The resort has several excellent ski schools. This region has a great atmosphere for families. Its slopes are very accessible and easy to navigate.

Ski infrastructure in Bulgaria.

If you are new to the sport, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the country’s infrastructure. The resort is constantly improving. Modern elevators serve the area. Snowmaking is the basis of the resort, which can provide ideal conditions for skiing at all levels. In addition, Bansko has a lively apres-ski scene with dozens of bars and restaurants. It is also popular with group skiers.

Bulgarian ski resorts offer great slopes for all levels. If you are a beginner, you can opt for the Bulgarian slopes. Since the ski resorts are not famous for their steep slopes, they are not crowded. For experienced people, resorts may have a higher level of difficulty. If this is your first time, consider a trip to the Bulgarian Alps.

Is skiing in Bulgaria worth it?

Although Bulgaria is not as developed as France, it is still a popular ski destination in Europe. The large terrain and relatively affordable resorts make it a popular destination for skiers of all skill levels. Perfect skiing conditions and the perfect terrain make it a popular skiing destination among Europeans. Apart from lower prices, Bulgaria also offers great quality and high quality services. You will be able to find a high-quality ski resort in the country, no matter where you live.

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