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Bulgaria in September - kids

Is it worth going to Bulgaria in September. Water and air temperature, interesting places.

September in Bulgaria is the end of the tourist season. So there are fewer and fewer tourists, so it is an ideal time for those who like peace and quiet. The weather is still fine, although air temperatures are slowly starting to drop. However, it is still warm and it still rarely rains. So you can still enjoy the charms of this beautiful country, get to know it and admire it.

Air and water temperatures.

Air temperatures in September are around 23 ‘C during the day and around 13’ C at night. So it’s already pretty cool, but still sunny. What is also extremely important, the water temperature is still high as in the summer months, around 23 ° C. Go ahead so you can still swim in the sea and practice all possible water sports. If, however, we get bored on the coast, it is worth going inland to see all the interesting corners of Bulgaria. In addition to the monuments, we will encounter wonderful nature on our way, which is worth admiring and getting to know.

Bulgaria in September

Pirin National Park.

September is the perfect time for hiking in the mountains, so it is worth taking a trip to the Pirin National Park, in the region of which there are as many as three nature reserves. Protected animals, plants and trees can be seen there. Among other things, white and black pine grows there, and you can also meet many unique species of eagles and falcons.