Means of communication in Bulgaria – taxis, buses.

Public transport Bulgaria

What to move around in Bulgaria? Which is better: a taxi or a bus?

Wherever we go on vacation, we are always faced with a dilemma: what means of communication to choose in order to move around a given country efficiently and relatively cheaply? We face the same question when it comes to Bulgaria. Most often, Poles go to Bulgaria by plane, as it is the fastest way of transport. It is also safe to say that one of the cheaper ones, because flight is the second most important means of transport when it comes to price. Of course, hardly anyone goes on a train journey that will last around 33 hours, just to save some money. Although, of course, there are probably plenty of daredevils. Returning, however, to traveling by plane, after reaching Bulgaria we are faced with a dilemma: what to move about?

Taxi or bus?

Probably the easiest and most comfortable means of transport will be a rented car. At many airports we can find rental companies, where for a total amount of about PLN 120 per day, we can rent a good and efficient car. Of course, not everyone can afford such an expense and then the means of public transport remain. Occasionally, it is worth using taxis, the prices of which are at a similar level as in Poland. In addition, it is worth using the railways and buses. The railway network is quite well developed, the ticket prices are average, but we won’t get everywhere this way. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to travel is by bus. Especially in tourist areas, there are many connections on the coast, ticket prices are low, so you can easily get them everywhere.

Means of communication – security.

When deciding to move around Bulgaria by local means of transport, we must remember to exercise caution. In taxis, let’s make an appointment in advance for a certain amount, in buses and trains, let’s watch out for thieves, let’s travel in a group and never leave children unattended, even for a moment. With the minimum of caution, our vacation will certainly be successful and nothing bad will happen to us.