August – the weather in Bulgaria in August – temperature.

Bulgaria in August

Bulgaria in August. Weather, temperatures and Bulgarian cuisine.

Bulgaria in August

August in Bulgaria is the second month of heat and tourist season. The beaches are still full of tourists and sometimes it’s even hard to find free places. It is an ideal vacation time for all those who prefer high temperatures and crowds of people. Air temperatures are around 28 ‘C during the day and around 17’ C at night. The water temperature is around 22’C so it’s really warm. So what to do in August, apart from sunbathing?

What to do?

If you get bored of lounging on the beach and swimming in the sea waves, it is worth going for a small trip, for example. It is worth visiting the historically interesting cities of Bulgaria, numerous museums and parks. If it gets too hot for us, it is worth stopping in some regional restaurant and tasting Bulgarian dishes, taking a break from the sun and from the crowds of tourists.

Bulgarian cuisine.

Bulgarian cuisine is very diverse, but even a layman will quickly notice that many dishes contain salty cheese, vegetables and fresh spices. Many dishes are also served cold, which, however, does not suit many of our compatriots. You must try the regional moussaka or original vegetable soups served cold with white bread. Spicy flavors, lots of spices among which savory reigns, are the basis of Bulgarian cuisine.