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Bulgaria in June

June in Bulgaria. Diving in June, diving bases, air and water temperatures.

The weather in Bulgaria in June is truly summer. Air temperatures in the lowlands are around 26 ‘C during the day and around 18’ C at night. Water temperatures are around 20’C, although not yet in all areas. So you can go ahead and enjoy all the charms of the Bulgarian Riviera and enjoy the warm sun. If during the holiday we want to go hiking, remember that the temperatures are much lower there, averaging 13 ‘C, and in the high parts of the mountains even around zero.

Diving in Bulgaria.

June is the perfect month for diving. Although it is a relatively new sport in the region, there are more and more diving bases where you can rent equipment and enroll in a diving course. What is also very important, diving in the areas of the bases is safe, because it takes place under the supervision of specialists. Diving near the Bulgarian coast, you can admire both the wonderful flora and fauna as well as numerous shipwrecks.

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Diving safety.

If we talk about safety, we must always remember about it when diving. This sport is really beautiful and safe, provided that it is always held in safe conditions and in accordance with generally accepted standards. Of course, we do not even mention that you must have completed the course, as it is a matter of course. You do not need any special permits in Bulgaria, but we must take into account that we will have to pay certain fees in the bases. They depend on the dive site, base and type of services.