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About the Golden Sands resort, the beach, accommodation and more

Golden Sands is the largest resort on the northern Black Sea coast, covering an area of ​​over 1,800 ha. It is situated 18 km north of Varna. The beaches in Golden Sands are about 100 m wide and 4 km long. A long strip of beach enchants with its golden quartz sand. The calm and clean sea water also keeps you warm at night, and you can sunbathe from May to October. The area is famous for the cleanest sand on the Black Sea coast, has healing springs of mineral water and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape park with rare species of trees and shrubs. Golden Sands is one of the pearls on the Bulgarian coast, with a constant temperature of around 27 ° C during the summer season, which makes it a great destination for summer holidays.

Golden Sands hotels.

The Golden Sands Resort offers around 100 hotels and 10 luxury villas. Examples of 4-star hotels, including: Yavor Hotel, Morsko Oko Hotel and Zlatna Kotva Hotel. The Mars Hotel, Hotel Zora, Riviera Complex, and Ambassador Hotel are all of the highest quality. Some hotels have swimming pools and fitness rooms, most of them have currency exchange offices and local travel agencies with up-to-date offers and tourist information. Hotels in Golden Sands are new, and you will find a casino, numerous bars, playgrounds, mini-golf, tennis courts, saunas, gyms, shopping complexes, aquaparks, good conditions and equipment for all kinds of water sports, under supervision and with the help of licensed instructors. During the season, you can participate in the Strongest Man competition, or be persuaded to participate in the Miss and Mister “Golden Sands”. There are competitions for all breeds of dogs, Tennis Tournaments, Auto Rally, an international dance festival etc .. Animators will entertain your children by organizing programs for them, which are offered in almost all hotels. In Golden Sands, the sea is also a friend of children. Warm and calm, it always encourages them to take a bath without any risk.

Something for the body and spirit in Golden Sands.

In addition to the fact that each hotel has a snack bar or restaurant, there are a number of restaurants nearby offering all kinds of Bulgarian specialties, as well as entertainment with the best entertainers of light music invited to guest performances. are famous for this kind of event in Golden Sands, such restaurants as: Vodenitsata, Tsiganski Tabor, Kosharite, Zlatna Ribka, Kriva Lipa and Dionisio, and which are especially recognized and liked by tourists for their interesting entertainment programs. There are also many snack bars, fast food, grill bars and toast bars.

Communication in Golden Sands.

Transport between the Golden Sands resort and Varna is very well organized. In addition to regular bus lines connecting the Golden Sands village with the city and thus going to the airport, there are many competing lines offering passenger transport and transport services using minibuses, private taxis and licensed taxis. Due to strong competition, prices are moderate.