When is the best time to go on vacation to Bulgaria?

July and August – ideal months for holidays in Bulgaria. How to spend a vacation, basic information about the country.

The best months for holidays in Bulgaria are July and August. Of course, we are talking about tourists who prefer warm months and dream of lounging on the beach. Thus, both July and August are ideal for this air temperature, and there is also very warm water in the sea. So you can easily enjoy all the attractions of this country and our vacation will certainly be fully enjoyable.

Bulgaria, the climate.

Bulgaria, as the “land of centenarians”, is famous for its healthy climate. Most of Bulgaria lies in the temperate zone, and the coastal and southern regions are in the subtropical-continental climate zone. The winters are cool and humid and the summers are hot and dry.

Bulgaria, spas and resorts

Over 3,500 mineral springs all over the country, air with high oxygen content, salty sea, wide and sandy beaches. No wonder that people go to Bulgaria not only for holidays, but also to improve their health and take advantage of the therapeutic programs offered by local spas and sanatoriums.

Bulgaria’s seaside resorts are a real paradise for tourists with children. On the Black Sea, with gentle and long descents to the sea, sandy and wide golden beaches – in recent years many attractive resorts with playgrounds and clubs for children and more have been created. Small hotels, apartments and resorts attract tourists with competitive prices and comfortable rest.

How to spend your vacation in Bulgaria?

It depends, of course, on the predispositions and preferences of each of us. Some prefer lounging on the beach, while others prefer active holidays. Therefore, we will suggest what awaits in Bulgaria, both for some and for others. First of all, as we have already mentioned, Bulgarian beaches are among the world’s best in this respect: they are wide, sandy and clean. Secondly, you can rent deck chairs, diving equipment, water scooters and whatever your heart desires. Moving away from sunbathing, enthusiasts of other sports, not related to water, should not complain either. There are golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, places to play volleyball and football, in other words, all the attractions that a tourist can only dream of. When we get bored with sports or sunbathing, it is worth going on a bicycle trip to get to know the area and interesting residents.

Basic information.

Bulgaria is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe. It neighbors Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. One third of the country is mountainous. The main mountain ranges are Rila, Pirin, Balkan, Rodopy, Sredna Gora and Vitosha. The natural eastern border of the country is the Black Sea.

Bulgaria is a country that has belonged to the European Union since 2007, which means that all EU standards and regulations are in force there. As a result, Poles and other members do not need entry visas or any other special permits. On condition, however, that the length of stay does not exceed three months. You must have an ID card or a valid passport.