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Bulgaria Holidays – travel agencies, opinions about travel agencies, what travel agency? Where to buy a tour? Withdrawal from the contract, resignation from a trip or holiday.

Tours and holidays with a travel agency.

Opinions about travel agencies differ as well as the destinations of tourist trips. In my opinion, one should be skeptical about these different opinions. A more appropriate solution is to buy holidays and trips from tour operators, and not from agents – because I know how difficult it is to find several offers in one office, let alone sell offers from dozens of different tour operators. It is in such offices that misunderstandings most often occur. The agent forgets to say something, and then the scandal. These opinions are also the result of ignorance of customers or lack of rational thinking – if something does not work out on vacation, the office is always to blame. The best example is the claims that means of transport are late. It is the responsibility of the carrier, not the office, etc … Long ago, I went with my parents on holidays and trips organized by travel agencies. Parents carefully checked everything, incl. travel agencies recommended by friends, the reputation of the office, offers, opinions about accommodation places and no major problems.

What travel agency?

At this point – I would like to emphasize that not everyone has a flair for organizing trips and some do not have enough time for it, and therefore buying a trip or vacation in a travel agency is an excellent alternative, and a group trip is an opportunity to meet many wonderful people. From the point of view of the act on tourist services, a good travel agency is one that guarantees securing the rights of customers. So it has a business license or a license. The credibility of the office can also be checked in the Central Register of Permits of Tourism Organizers and Tourist Agents. Before signing a contract with a travel agency, please read it carefully. This will avoid surprises and disappointments later on. Running the activity of a tourism organizer still requires an entry in the register kept by the Marshal of the Province, in which the entrepreneur’s seat is located. It is no longer necessary for the person managing the company to have appropriate education or practice, but invariably, the application for entry into the register should be accompanied by a document confirming the conclusion of the contract with the insurance institution or a declaration of accepting payments only to an escrow account (domestic tourism).

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Conditions for withdrawing from the contract and resigning from the trip.

Travel agencies often contractually provide for the possibility of changing the price. It is justified, inter alia, by when the zloty rate has dramatically decreased or the costs of transport have increased. If the price of the event increases by more than 10 percent. You have the right to cancel the tour at no cost.