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Last Minute Bulgaria

Last Minute to Bulgaria, what does last minute mean? great last minute offer, with the cheapest last minute to Bulgaria, why last minute ?.

What does last minute mean? – why last minute?

Last minute – Literally meaning: last minute. The term is associated with cheap tours and travel by coach, train and plane. It refers to last minute offers advertised by travel agencies and travel agencies. Last minute offer is an offer that aims to get a set of customers for a given trip.

Why last minute?

It would seem that travel agencies do not make money on last minute offers, and even lose on them. In fact, it is different. Travel agencies have everything calculated so that they even earn on last minute offers. An attendance of 50% is already a profit for the travel agency, as such calculations are usually assumed. Sometimes it happens that for random reasons and other important reasons, someone resigns from the purchased trip or holiday. For this reason, he will not receive a refund of the full amount paid for the trip, but only a part of this amount. We pay a really high margin for the trip purchased earlier. What it comes from?. Well, mainly because trips are very expensive with us, among other things because of the long chain of intermediaries.

Great offer, last minute.

Last minute offer is often a trip cheaper by up to 50%. And so, instead of paying PLN 2,500 for a trip at the beginning of the season, we can pay PLN 1,300 for it a few days before departure – as long as there are free places. And if we add our contacts and gain the trust and sympathy of the lady from the travel agency – we can buy it for PLN 1100. A trip bought in the last minute system is a fully-fledged offer. The last minute offer includes the same privileges and attractions as a pre-purchased tour. When buying a last minute trip, we have the same rights – as people who bought the trip earlier. Before buying a last minute trip, however, you should carefully read the regulations and ask for a detailed calculation of the full costs, as well as ask for all the details of the last minute offer you are interested in.