Holidays in Bulgaria – the most interesting cultural events

The most interesting holidays in Bulgaria. In March, spring welcomes and sweeps away bad powers.

Bulgaria is a country that in the old days tempted our countrymen like a forbidden fruit. Probably many of us will think that the wonderful nature and the incredibly beautiful location right by the sea attracted everyone. However, this is not entirely true. Poles traveled to Bulgaria in large numbers mainly because of low prices and the desire for easy profit. And the fact that you could sunbathe on beautiful beaches and swim in the warm sea was just an additional attraction. Although today the prices in Bulgaria are also relatively low, especially in comparison with Polish ones, we are starting to go to Bulgaria because of its many tourist attractions.

Holidays in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a country whose culture has been associated with music for centuries. It is precisely various music, especially folk and folk music, that accompanies all important holidays. Holidays related to religion as well as secular ones are lavishly celebrated. The latter are celebrated particularly loudly and, as we have already mentioned, they are always accompanied by music. The population is very eager to participate in all celebrations and events, and everyone prepares for them very carefully.

List of events.

Virtually every month there is a celebration in Bulgaria. Although, of course, not all of them are celebrated throughout the country, but only assigned to a given region or city. There are quite a lot of such celebrations, so we will describe the most interesting one below.

In the month of March, spring is celebrated, where the “woman March” sweeps away the cold months, and everyone exchanges special amulets to protect against evil forces. Everyone makes these amulets on their own from yarn and gives them to those closest to him. You wear it until you see the first stork or swallow, which heralds the arrival of spring. At this point, the amulet should be drowned in the river to destroy the evil powers with it. What is also very interesting, these secular, not to say pagan beliefs are mixed with religious ones, because spring is also sumptuously celebrated Easter and the festivities associated with it.