Diving in the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria diving

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Bulgaria is not only sandy beaches and interesting monuments, it is also an ideal place for all kinds of water sports, including diving. In the vicinity of the coast, there are over a dozen interesting diving sites that will delight even the most demanding. However, before you go diving to Bulgaria, you should first read all the regulations that are in force in a given country.

Useful information.

Diving in Bulgaria does not have a very long tradition. Until recently, all the bases established there were set up by divers from other countries, although now there are several typically Bulgarian ones. To be able to dive, we must have completed a course with a European certificate. If we do not have one, we still have the option to sign up for a holiday course that will allow us to master the basic diving skills in a short time and under the watchful eye of a specialist, we will be able to make our first attempts in this sport. Of course, even those seasoned divers should only dive in groups and in places where there are designated bases. It is a beautiful and safe sport, as long as we always follow the rules.

Where to dive?

As we mentioned in the introduction, there are quite a lot of interesting places under water in Bulgaria that will definitely interest divers. Below are some of them, along with basic information about the place:

1.Black Sea, Burgas Bay:

  • – Jaques Fressinet, shipwreck – 10m-22m
  • – Mopang, shipwreck – 18m-32m
  • -Rodina, shipwreck – 30m-45m

2.Black Sea, KAVACITE Bay:

  • – Kavacite, fauna and flora – 1m-12m

3.Black Sea, city of Kiten:

  • – “Reef”, fauna and flora- 5m-10m
  • -Port in Kiten, fauna and flora- 2m-9m
  • -Island near Lozenets, fauna and flora- 5m-16m.

Interesting and unexplored dive sites can be found around the entire Black Sea, especially where there were port cities in ancient times. One of them was Apollonia (the city of the god Apollo), renamed by the Greeks Sozopolis (“safe city”), that is, modern Sozopol, located 25 km south of Burgas. Very interesting dives can be made around the peninsula on which there is Stary Sozopol. It might seem strange that at the beginning of the 21st century, in the center of Europe, in a relatively small area and at relatively shallow depths, there are so many unexplored wrecks, not to mention sunken everyday objects, and even works of art or architectural objects.

Diving in Bulgaria (forum posts).

Diving in Bulgaria is great, amazing views, wrecks, old amphoras and all the fauna and flora – a unique experience. The sea is warm and calm, I recommend the vicinity of Nessebar (close to Sunny Beach). A cheaper option to descend from the shore in Stary Nseber to a depth of 8-10 meters. You can see the flooded streets of Old Nessebar, the remains of ancient amphoras.

Mask and snorkel diving.

The mask and snorkel diving is fine, but you have to go to places where the waterfront is more rocky. Diving in Obzor, for example, can be forgotten in advance – no chance, long shoreline with a beach and always muddy water + no vegetation and rocks around which is teeming with underwater life. With a mask and a tube, the most around Nessebar and Sozople, a bit also in Primorsk. However, you have to be careful about the weather, i.e. when the sea is without waves. During large waves there is a problem with protruding rocks “covered with” very sharp shells, then you can be severely damaged.

The best diving spots in Bulgaria.

The best places for diving are south of Sozopol to the Turkish border. For example, I especially recommend the mouth of the Ropotamo River, Cape St. Dmitri, the island of Smiski Ostrow. In summer, the transparency of the water is within 20 meters, you can meet small fish, small sharks called Acua in Bulgaria.