Currency in Bulgaria – what currency to take to Bulgaria?

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What currency should I bring to Bulgaria? Customs regulations and the amount of cash imported. Currency in Bulgaria, where to exchange currency, Where to buy Bulgarian currency ?, leva, exchange offices in Bulgaria, exchange rate to euro, what to watch out for when exchanging currency?

The currency in Bulgaria is lev, the equivalent of which is 100 stotinas. Moreover, it should be remembered that the exchange rate of the Bulgarian lev against the euro is constant. This means that we always get 1.95 BGN (left) for 1 EUR. Let us remember this rule when we consider what currency to take with us on vacation. In practice, what is the best for Poles?

What currency to take to Bulgaria?

We have already mentioned the invariability of the euro against the Bulgarian lev. Some, however, will still wonder whether it is worth buying euro in Poland, or only on the spot. Can we buy a left hand for PLN? The questions are practically piling up one after the other, so what to choose? It’s hard to give an unambiguous answer, which is profitable, because that’s what questions about cash are always about. So let’s remember that in Bulgaria it will be difficult to exchange Polish money, just like in Poland it is hard to find money. Of course, there will be such exchange offices in larger cities, but we recommend that you buy euro in Poland and exchange it for small amounts on the spot. We should never exchange large amounts, because you do not know how much we will spend, and it is not very profitable to exchange them again. It is also worth remembering that in Bulgaria we can easily pay by card, of course, we must have a currency in euro on the account.

Customs regulations.

When going on holiday to Bulgaria, we must remember about the restrictions that also apply to imported cash. Therefore, let us remember that we can bring no more than the equivalent of BGN 10,000, if we want more, we must have a permit from the Bulgarian National Bank. You need to ask for details before leaving at the embassy.

Exchange offices in Bulgaria.

There are many places in Bulgaria where you can exchange currency, and you shouldn’t run into trouble finding one that offers a good rate. Exchange points in large hotels offer not very favorable rates. You shouldn’t change money on the street. If you are going to a small tourist town, it is advisable to get a larger amount of levs and you should avoid paying in the western currency. Currency exchange offices in seaside towns are practically everywhere, but be careful with their choice. Many of them offer two prices for buying and selling currency – for transactions up to and above a certain amount.

Bulgaria Money

What to watch out for when exchanging currency in exchange offices?

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Sofia recommends special care when exchanging currency in exchange offices. There are frequent cases of withdrawing amounts lower than the exchange rate given in front of exchange offices (it is best to ask in advance what amount you will receive for a specific amount in currency). Exchange offices sometimes charge a commission for currency exchange.

From a forum post:
NOTE: at exchange offices, they cheat. A different price on the sidewalk and much lower in the middle. They explain that it is the selling price there, but who buys euro in such a town? And of course the transaction cannot be canceled.