Bulgaria – a popular destination for holidays

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Bulgaria is a country very often chosen by Poles as a vacation destination. There is nothing strange about it, as it is a country perfect for holiday trips. Bulgaria is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in south-eastern Europe. It borders with other picturesque countries such as Greece, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. Bulgaria is separated from Romania by the very picturesque and well-known Danube River, and from the east it is washed by the magnificent Black Sea. Although we can find many interesting places throughout Bulgaria, tourists are most often attracted by the picturesque coast of the Black Sea.

Black Sea

Although the Black Sea does not have an impressive size, Bulgarian beaches, which stretch for 130 km, delight even the most demanding. Wide, sandy beaches, lush nature, all this makes the Bulgarian coast especially picturesque. It is also often called the Bulgarian Riviera. This term speaks for itself and there is nothing else to do but pack your bags and set off on a journey to beautiful Bulgaria. What is also extremely important, apart from wonderful beaches, we can find there a number of other interesting places.

Monuments and interesting places

In the previous chapter, we described the incredible advantages of the Bulgarian coast, but it is worth remembering that not only it is worth seeing. It is therefore necessary to visit:

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  • the town of Nessebar, full of historic and picturesque ruins, old towers and Orthodox churches.
  • the city of Sozopol, famous for its unique wooden architecture that can be found in the old part of this city
  • Rila Monastery, a wonderful region with many mounds from ancient Thracian times.
  • the city of Varna with numerous museums and monuments, including a magnificent 19th-century Orthodox church and many other interesting places