Beaches in Bulgaria – the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria – the best beaches in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria beaches

The most beautiful and best beaches in Bulgaria, descriptions of the best beaches, the location of the beaches on the Black Sea coast, beach attractions in Bulgaria, places for sunbathing, intimate beaches.

Beaches in Bulgaria.

There are many beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and they can be really beautiful – wide and sandy. Quite often they are characterized by a gentle slope of the bottom, thanks to which it is still shallow at a distance of a few or a dozen or so meters from the shore (this is the case, for example, in Sozopol). In all of Bulgaria, admission to the beaches is free, and the only inconvenience here is the restriction, due to the fact that the most convenient parts of the beach in the most attractive locations are usually occupied by rows of umbrellas. In general, in all seaside tourist destinations, regardless of whether they are large resorts (Sunny Beach, Golden Sands) or smaller ones (Ravda, Obzor), part of the beach is usually occupied by rows of reed or straw-covered umbrellas. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the possibility of sheltering under them.

The best beaches in Bulgaria.

The best beaches are in the central and southern parts of the coast. On the northern coast, we find rocky beaches more often, or the shore will be even inaccessible to bathers or very difficult to access.

Szabła (Шабла) – north coast.
We can spend sunny days on a wild and unguarded beach. It is 5–6 km away from the town, but quite large, nice and pleasant, although empty (which may be a big advantage for some).

Rusalka (Русалка) – north coast.
The abundance of smaller and larger coves leaves little room for sand. Despite this, they are appreciated by fans of the sun and the sea. Here and there rocks protrude from the water, which can be approached by amateurs of more discreet sunbathing.

Obzor (Обзор) – south coast.
The main attraction of Obzor is a very nice, sandy beach, although in the vicinity of the center it can be a bit crowded. If we are looking for a more secluded place, we can take a longer walk south along the beach. Since it stretches for a length of 6 km, the hike may take us a long time, but we will certainly find a space less frequented by sunbathers. However, there is quite a lot of space, so we will certainly have the opportunity to take advantage of the sun and sea bathing.

Sunny Beach (Слънчев бряг) – south coast.
The beach in Sunny Beach, as befits a great resort, is spacious, sandy and very well-kept.

Golden Sands (Златни пясъци) – middle coast.
Golden Sands is the second most-visited place after Sunny Beach, with a long, beautiful sandy beach and a unique green park. There are balneological complexes where you can take a bath in thermal pools and excellent SPA centers.