Basic information about Bulgaria

Basic information about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country located in Southeast Europe, bordering the Black Sea on the eastern side. It has wonderful sandy beaches and good quality tourist facilities. About 70% of the country’s area is mountainous, and the highest elevations are in the southern part. Bulgaria is a member of NATO, the European Union and the United Nations.

Entry and customs regulations.

Poles do not need entry visas to enter Bulgaria. All you need is an ID card or passport. These rules, however, apply when our stay will not exceed 6 months and if we are going there for tourist purposes. If we are planning a longer stay, or we are going to work or study, we must have a valid visa.

Currency, exchange offices and prices.

The currency in Bulgaria is 1 lev, the equivalent of which is 100 stotins. Since joining the European Union, euro is also accepted in many restaurants and hotels. We can also easily exchange currency in numerous exchange offices and banks. You can also pay by card in many places, which will make many things easier and, above all, much safer. Compared to other European countries, prices in Bulgaria are relatively low. We should also remember that prices increase significantly in the summer season, especially in the coastal regions, where there are many tourist centers. Examples of prices for some products in Bulgaria are:

  • loaf of bread – (0.7 lev)
  • cheese 1 kg – (3 to 7 lev)
  • ham, sausage (10 lev)
  • beer – (0.55 to 0.75 lev)
  • a scoop of ice cream – (0.5 lev)
  • packaged water – (0.5 lev)
  • fast food – (2 lev)
  • lunch in a restaurant (lev 7 to 12).